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Classroom Wish Lists

Classroom Wish Lists

Every year as teachers reconvene and pour their hearts into making the most comfortable, inviting, colorful, and enthusiastic classrooms to welcome students and to educate these students in the best atmosphere they can create. Not only do they have needs at the start of the school year to accomplish their vision and to provide the best for their students, but needs creep up as supplies are used and new resources are realized and needed to enhance the learning.
That's why we have created Classroom Wish Lists. Any teacher or staff member can create a Wish List for needs up to $500. Once a Wish List is fully funded, those funds are sent to the campus bookkeeper. One Wish List may be open at a time, but once that Wish List is funded, another can then be created. For needs larger than $500, please refer to our Grants for Great Ideas program!
Examples of needs include, but are not limited to: technology needs to create videos, green screens, Nearpod memberships, headphones, earbuds, watercolor trays, glue sticks, subscription for drama classes, ThingLink subscriptions, Teacher Pay Teachers Program (online lesson plans and instruction), subscriptions to, bookcase, classroom pet food and supplies, erasers, label makers, clipboards, highlighters, expo markers, sharpies, composition notebooks, electric pencil sharpeners, art paper, treasure chest toys/incentives/stickers, stationery supplies, games, sticky notes, pens...AND SO MUCH MORE! 
Your donation of any amount is always appreciated as we help to provide for our teachers, staff, and students in Santa Fe ISD.
Your donation makes a difference! 

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